The MiSST Curriculum

Students follow the nine skills based Schemes of Work listed below and are assessed at the end of each both practically (performance/marked composition/score) and academically in the form of a LAT exam (Listening, analysis and theory) relevant to the Scheme of Work.

   Autumn Spring Summer
Year 7  Solo Performance Ensemble Performance Improvisation
 Year 8  Solo Performance Compositional Techniques Ensemble and Realisation
 Year 9  Solo Performance Composition Ensemble Performance

Following the above, the overall learning thread students follow throughout Key Stage 3 is:

  1. Learn how to sing and play an instrument properly
  2. Learn how to play that instrument in context
  3. Learn how to improvise on that instrument
  4. Learn how to capture improvised ideas and develop them using given composition techniques
  5. Learn how to compose 1 section of a piece of music
  6. Learn how to compose longer pieces of music using more complex techniques around developing ideas & language, creating contrast and using structures

At the end of every Scheme of Work students receive a mark out of 30 for their practical assessment (performance or composition) and a percentage for their exam. This data is recorded and analysed by both schools and MiSST at given points throughout the year.