The Andrew Lloyd Webber Programme

The Key Stage 3 MiSST curriculum is designed to produce high-level and imaginative performers, composers and critical thinkers whilst preparing them directly for music GCSE, A-Level and beyond.

MiSST provides schools with all the main resources they will need for every Scheme of Work differentiated to span absolute beginner to degree level students. However, once schools are comfortable delivering the curriculum they are encouraged to write their own Schemes of Work and produce their own resources within the given skills based titles. All Schemes of Work come with a skills based standardisation document so schools are aware of what most, all and some students should be learning.

You can find out more about our schemes of work here, and about our student assessment policy here.

MiSST students should acquire the following skills throughout Key Stage 3:

  1. How to play an instrument and sing properly
  2. How to read staff notation
  3. How to record live audio and MIDI using ICT (Most schools use Logic + an audio interface)
  4. How to compose and think about composing
  5. How to work collaboratively using a variety of roles & techniques
  6. How to think and talk about music - the theory, listening & analysis relevant to the above

MiSST supports all partner schools on a weekly basis to ensure that the Andrew Lloyd Webber Programme is implemented and that resources are used to gain the maximum impact for young people. We also offer the ABRSM Certificate for Music Educators for peripatetic tutors employed by MiSST Partner Schools, and  Tutor and staff training to support the Andrew Lloyd Webber Programme.