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sedgehill-300x106Sedgehill School seeks to ensure that a student’s background does not define their future. This means transforming lives by providing students with the experiences and values that will become the springboard for success in life. With a strong reputation within the performing arts, which includes an amazing choir and in the recent past a very strong brass band, the school is clear that the music programme will provide the vehicle to develop both musical excellence and many underpinning life skills.

In September 2015 we were excited to see MiSST progress into year 8 whilst welcoming 234 new students onto the year 7 phase of the programme. Having almost 500 instruments in circulation around the school has certainly had its challenges but we were able to hit the ground running and have noticed rapid progression throughout all classes.

Band rehearsals were increased to twice a week in preparation for the MiSST concert at Goldsmiths; “Shall we rehearse Mondays or Tuesdays?” “Can’t we do both, Miss?” and we recruited nine new members who are all committed and valued additions to the ensemble. The Goldsmiths concert in June was a huge success and it was a privilege to perform alongside the other MiSST schools in front of such a supportive audience.

The final highlight of the year was the MiSST residential trip to Radley College. This was an absolute highlight of 2014-2015 so we were very excited to be returning a year later. The 19 students all had a wonderful time developing their instrumental playing and musicianship but also enjoyed the independence of being away from home. It was an experience that students and staff will remember forever.

Almost a third of the original specialist school students continue to take part in school ensembles and many enrolled in individual instrumental tuition. This commitment from students has seen the Sedgehill Band triple in size since September 2014.

Sedgehill 6

Nicolae Binzaru
Testimonial: Nicolae, aged 13

Story: I came to England from Moldova in September 2014. I never considered playing an instrument but now I have learnt two in the space of a year. I enjoy playing an instrument because I couldn’t speak English very well and music is a universal language and I was able to participate with everybody else.