Islington Arts and Media School – Islington


Arts & Media School, Turle Road, Islington London UKAMSI is a school with a long commitment to the arts and a vision that every student is a scholar. Joining as a partner MiSST School in September 2014 music is now recognised as a high achieving subject within the school community and one where students perform above national average expectations. In July 2016, 79% of students entered for GCSE music achieved a C grade or higher with 21% being awarded an A grade. This represents a 48% increase in students achieving an A-C in GCSE music since July 2014.


Mia Lobban

Testimonial: Mia, Aged 12

I used to play the guitar at primary school but because the teacher wasn’t very good, so I never really made any progress. Since coming to Arts & Media I have learned to play the Cello and because of the fantastic teachers I am now really confident and hope to take a Grade exam this year. I love playing music because it relaxes me and I think it has helped my concentration too. Performing at the Barbican was so exciting because I have never been to such a big posh place before. I had my photo taken in a green place because when I am older I want to save the planet and make it a better place for everyone. To do this I will need to go to college and that’s why Music is so important, because it will help me achieve things in my life and take me to new places.