What does MiSST do?

Provide free musical instruments
All students at MiSST partner schools are provided with a free classical music instrument upon arrival at Year 7; usually a violin, viola, or flute. The instrument then becomes the student’s responsibility to look after.

Work with schools to provide the best possible quality music education
MiSST consultants work with our partner schools  to develop a key stage 3 music curriculum that encompasses solo performance, ensemble training, and composition techniques, and sets up students for success at GCSE and beyond. Over time, the school’s music staff take over the development of the curriculum. Student performance is assessed termly and areas for improvement identified. You can find out more about our curriculum here, and about how we assess students here.

Below there is a clip of MiSST's Director of Music Pierce Brown in action at the New North Academy.

Concerts, tours and residentials
Students on the MiSST programme have access to musical opportunities beyond the classroom. We believe that giving all students the chance to perform boosts their self confidence and ability to work as part of a team. MiSST students have undertaken tours in Spain, Italy, and Germany, performed at the Royal Albert Hall and the Barbican alongside Nicola Benedetti, and benefitted from residentials at Radley College in Oxfordshire.

Saturday Music School
Launching in September 2016, the MiSST Saturday Music School (MSMS) will provide students at a Grade 3 level or above with opportunities to improve their level of playing in ensemble and orchestral groups. Students from all 8 MiSST partner schools will be working together, and all attendees will be expected to give something back as part of the opportunities they will be receiving.