What is MiSST?

Thank you for taking a look around the MiSST website.

MiSST's aim to be at the forefront of classical music education in secondary schools with a challenging and disadvantaged intake and to provide a programme of excellence that is unrivalled in the UK.

We provide funding to schools in disadvantaged communities to enable all students as they enter their secondary school to be given a classical musical instrument along with regular group tuition and the opportunities to perform. You can find out more about our Key Stage 3 programme here.

MiSST is committed to improving the quality of teaching, learning and leadership of music through the high quality of staff training which increases knowledge, understanding and skills. We are the first London based training provider of ABRSM's Certificate of Music Educators.

Our aim is not just to improve students' musical proficiency, but for a significant majority of students to display strong teamwork skills, positive work ethic and increased confidence. You can read about some of our case studies here.

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