Sara, aged 14

  • Sara Pelham

Sara PelhamI spent most of my childhood abroad and I never really had any extensive music in my school.  The schools in Jerusalem didn’t have the kind of music education that I get at Highbury Grove. I frequently went to concerts, operas and musicals with my parents and friends, since music has always had a big place in my family.  What I never really learnt was music theory, and when I arrived at Highbbury Grove, I began to understand it.  I also took on the cello here.  It definitely wasn’t my first choice, I reluctantly chose it.  But since I had a brilliant cello teacher, it has now become my main instrument.  At school, I play in a band with great musicians.  I also attend choir, ensembles and orchestras.  I’m incredibly fond of music and I do see myself carrying on with it in the future.

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