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In July 2016, over 80 students attended MiSST's 4-day residential at Radley College. Almost half of the students who attended were entitled to Free School Meals, whilst around 40% had yet to achieve Grade 1 in their instruments at the start of the residency.

At the beginning of the residential, students were asked to fill in a questionnaire relating to their feelings in various situations. Students then filled in the same questionnaire upon their return to school in September. The questionnaire asked students whether they agreed or disagreed along a 5 point scale with a number of statements. 

Students recorded increased happiness or confidence on all questions. The greatest increases were in response to feeling confident in approaching new social situations or people (+1.1), feeling safe in social situations outside of usual circles (+0.61) and feeling able to express oneself without feeling anxious or nervous (+0.54). Pupils eligible for free school meals reported feeling much safer in social situations, more able to express themselves without feeling anxious, and more confident in approaching new situations. 

In the words of music staff from our partner schools:

"The trip has had a profound effect on some of their interpersonal skills"

"The first day back from the trip we had a whole year 7 assembly where all students played their instruments in a large scale orchestra. The students who came on the trip volunteered some excellent answers and demonstrations and one student even volunteered to improvise for 16 bars to the entire year group- their confidence had clearly been bolstered by attending the Radley residential"

"The students all had a wonderful time developing their instrumental playing and musicianship but also enjoyed the independence of being away from home. It was an experience that students and staff will remember forever"

MiSST students Radley residential

Results of MiSST residential 2016 student questionnaires


Average score at start of Radley residential

Average score post Radley residential


I feel happy or content with the world




I feel safe in social situations outside of my school, family and friendship circle




I am open to the thoughts and experiences of other people




It is more important to me that I consider other people’s thoughts and feelings before I act




I feel confident in mastering challenging situations or challenging people




I feel able to express my thought or viewpoints without using anger




I feel able to express my thoughts or viewpoints without feeling anxious or nervous




I feel supported in sessions, and that I can openly discuss my thoughts and views




I feel confident when I have to approach new social situations or people




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