Juelz, aged 9

  • Juelz Butler-Wright

Juelz Butler-WrightWhen I go to my Nan’s house I play my Auntie’s guitar which is kept there. I like to play it but it’s got a string missing. That’s ok because it still sounds good.  The first time I’ve been able to play an instrument and get lessons is at New North Academy where I play the violin. I like the violin but sometimes I sound scratchy where as on the guitar I always sound good.

I have a little sister at home who is 6 and she always wants to play my violin. I let her have a go sometimes but only with me watching so she doesn’t break it. It’s my violin and I have to look after it. In the future I want to be a footballer and it’s weird that actually music might help me become a footballer because you have to be part of a team to do really good for both.

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