Daisy, aged 16

  • Daisy Corder

Daisy CorderAt my Primary School, music was heavily focused on as we were one of the Music First schools and through this, I started playing the violin when I was 8. I later switched to double bass, which I still play today, at Highbury Grove and Tomorrow’s Warriors. I started the trumpet aged 10, not because I was particularly keen but because my Dad said that there needed to be more female trumpeters. Since then I have totally fallen in love with it.

At Highbury Grove I have been given countless opportunities to play at amazing venues and with some incredible musicians. In particular, through MiSST, I have done numerous workshops and three Inspire residencies with the National Youth Orchestra of Great Britain, for which I will be auditioning in September. I am not sure if I’d like to be a professional musician in the future but I will most certainly continue playing and will probably do a music degree at university.

I decided to be photographed in the Barbican tunnel because I have walked through it many times to attend rehearsals and to see and play in concerts.

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