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Challenge and Change

Leonora Saunders exhibition in collaboration with MiSST Click on a slide to read the story behind the image.

Juelz Butler-Wright 0

Juelz, aged 9

When I go to my Nan’s house I play my Auntie’s guitar which is kept there. I like to play it but it’s got a string missing. That’s ok because it still sounds good. ...

Sohan Singh 0

Sohan, aged 13

I didn’t play an instrument before I started at Frederick Bremer. I started playing violin as part of our music lessons and really enjoyed it.  Music has become a passion, enabling me to express...

Sara Pelham 0

Sara, aged 14

I spent most of my childhood abroad and I never really had any extensive music in my school.  The schools in Jerusalem didn’t have the kind of music education that I get at Highbury...

Daisy Corder 0

Daisy, aged 16

At my Primary School, music was heavily focused on as we were one of the Music First schools and through this, I started playing the violin when I was 8. I later switched to...

Nicolae Binzaru 0

Nicolae, aged 13

I came to England from Moldova in September 2014. I never considered playing an instrument but now I have learnt two in the space of a year. I enjoy playing an instrument because I...

Georgie Kinsella 0

Georgie, aged 12

I used to play a bit of piano at primary but I was not overly keen. However, since I have started the viola at Saint Mary Magdalene I have really enjoyed it! It’s amazing...

Micaiah John 0

Micaiah, aged 13

I went to a lot of different primary schools when I was younger as we kept moving a lot. During this time I tried out lots of things like tap and ballet but I...

Humaira Munshi (1) 0

Humaira, aged 14

Music means that I can learn how to do specific skills that I can use in my daily life. For example; learning how to play with different people means that I learn how to...

Joya Molyneaux 0

Joya, aged 18

When I started at Highbury Grove, I was given the opportunity to learn the violin in the Music Specialist School.  I remember being inspired by the School’s Scholars Orchestra and was accepted into it...